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CMF, a trailblazer; an innovative manufacturer and provider of Environment Friendly Chemistries for Surface Treatment and Metal Finishing are located in Chennai, India. CMF offers products and processes that comply with ELV, RoHS, Weee, REACH legislations.
Providing solutions to a wide cross-section of Global and Domestic industries, CMF’s goal is to prove a single, unified source for every surface treatment chemistry need, to establish a trusted long term partnership with clients – consistently add value, thereby increasing the competitive advantage our clients offer to industry.
CMF have the experience, expertise, resources and strength to support its customers through its network of offices, technical service laboratories and dedicated field chemists.
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Ni-Z Posit Process
Alloy Zinc

MCL Process
Pretreatment Process

Star Process
Bright Nickel

03 Hard Chrome
Hard Chrome

Spectramate-25 DL
Long Lasting Cr3 Chromate

Crownclad Process
Acid Hard Golds

Electroflash Process
Decorative Gold Gilding

Silvor Process
Bright Silver

E-Coat Process
Electrophoretic Lacquer

Rhodiamond EX-50
Decorative Rhodium from M

Metwhite 100
White Bronze Process from

New Acid Copper
Acid Copper Process

Tri-V 50
Trivalent Black Chromate

Tri-V 121 Dura Life
Long Lasting Cr3 Chromate

Tri-V Yellow
Trivalent Yellow Chromate

Milennium Process
Boric Free Process

Acid Zinc
K-250 Process

Trivalent Chromates
Yellow,Black & Blue

Gold Process

Bright Nickel Process
V-Star Process

Copper Process
Copper Plating

Nickel Process
Star Process

Silver Process
Bright Silver 4 Salt

Mechanical Zinc Process
Mechanical Zinc

Mechanical Zinc

Mechanical Zinc