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Consolidated Metal Finishing Private Limited

Innovative Finishing Excellence

Innovative Finishing Excellence

Innovative Finishing Excellence

Innovative Finishing Excellence

Over 50 years of Experience

Welcome to Consolidated Metal Finishing Pvt Ltd

Located in Chennai, CMF is a trailblazing, innovative manufacturer and supplier of environmentally friendly Chemistries for Surface Treatment and Metal Finishing. CMF offers products and procedures that are compliant with ELV, RoHS, WEEE and REACH regulations.

We serve a broad range of domestic and international industries and aim to be the go-to source for all Surface Treatment chemistry requirements. We value building enduring relationships with our customers and to ensure our products and processes are consistently adding value, thereby increasing the competitive advantages our clients have in the market.

CMF has the experience, knowledge, strength and resources to support our clients through our network of offices, technical service laboratories and dedicated field chemists.




Columbia Chemical Corp – USA :

Columbia Chemical Corporation, USA – Columbia Chemical offers the surface finishing industry premium specialty plating chemicals. Their products, such as their trivalent chromium, electroless nickel, decorative nickel, zinc and zinc alloy plating chemistries along with Trivalent chromates and top coats are known for excellent quality and dependability among electroplaters and surface finishers seeking the best possible results. They define themselves by their innovative R&D, manufacturing quality and focus on developing green technology with minimal environmental impact. In 1996, CMF successfully spearheaded the introduction of Columbia Chemical to the Indian market. Through marketing and promotion of Clean Plating products, Columbia Chemical and CMF have expanded the business from a single Alkaline Zinc Bath to now include the newest environmentally friendly technology and industry proven specialty additives and plating processes.

METALOR Technologies – Switzerland :

METALOR Technologies, Switzerland (a member of Tanaka) – Metalor is a global leader in the precious metals field. CMF represents the Advanced Coating Division of METALOR Technologies, that has many competitive advantages, namely being the best in class for Gold, Silver and PGM (Platinum Group metals) products and solutions with high degree of purity, quality consistency, reliability and maximum performance.

METALOR’s Technical Service team, located in facilities worldwide, is on call and equipped to provide rapid response to specific customer queries as well as on-site installation support. CMF is a point of contact for providing a solution for any precious metal coating requirements or issues and will activate METALOR’s global technical resources to provide the support needed.