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Consolidated Metal Finishing Private Limited

Over 50 years of Experience

Today, we take responsibility for our Environment -
For a Clean Future... Our Tomorrow.

Consolidated Metal Finishing Pvt. Ltd., stands committed to this Corporate Environment philosophy.

Founded in 1972 by the late Mr Ghalib G Bachooali and the late Mr Amir Ali Rahimtula, CMF went on to expand under its second generation, headed by Mr Ali Galib Bachooali – Managing Director.

CMF has been offering cutting edge technology in the form of reliable, tested, ready to use products to the Plating and Finishing industry for 50 years,.CMF’s trailblazing growth was the result of an unwavering commitment to research and development, meeting current needs, while anticipating and preparing for future requirements and demands.

In 1996, CMF was the first Indian plating chemical supply house to dedicate its vision of promoting Clean Alternative Technology – by successfully launching ACF II – Alkaline Cyanide Free Zinc plating system, the internationally acclaimed, benchmark product developed by Columbia Chemical Corp, our associates in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

CMF collaborated successfully with Metalor Technologies, Switzerland to launch their cutting edge gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium and white bronze plating systems in India. CMF was the first Indian company to introduce Gold Electroforming as a forerunner to the low grammage guarantee Gold formed jewellery and figurines. We introduced Metalor’s Metwhite 100™ plating system as an undercoat to the Crownclad 2000 Nickel Free Gold Processes in India to comply with the European Union Nickel Free Legislation, which requires zero nickel in plated jewellery.

CMF offers a comprehensive, well-balanced package of environmentally friendly chemistries for various industries. We are one of the few metal finishing supply houses that also provide pre-commissioning guidance, on-site technical support, plating audits, and cost-effective production techniques as part of our Start-To-Finish commitment.

Our Core Values:

● Understanding

● Integrity

● Excellence

● Unity

● Responsibility

These values have been the foundation of our beliefs and convictions since the inception of our company, and they continue to inspire and drive our business decisions today.