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Consolidated Metal Finishing Private Limited


Below are the significant milestones in the 50 years CMF has been in the business of Surface Finishing:

Year Details
1972 Occidental Petroleum - USA, a major 1970’s Oil Corporation, appointed their Indian associate to form Oxy Metal Finishing (India) Pvt. Ltd., based in Madras as a subsidiary of the Swiss Oxy Metal Finishing International - (OMFI) to manufacture the internationally respected UDYLITE™ range of Base Metal Finishing products and the famous SEL-REX™ range of Precious Metal Plating products.
1975 Domestic manufacture commences in Madras for the UDYLITE™ range.
1977 OMFI in Geneva undergoes organizational changes and ceases their association with India. The company adopts a new name - Consolidated Metal Finishing Private Limited (CMF).
1977 CMF created a new division, Consolidated Chemical Corporation (CCC), to launch Precious Metal Finishing Products.
1989 Engelhard Corporation - USA, a global leader in Precious Metal Technologies, appoints CMF as their representative for India.
1995 Engelhard Corporation - USA and CLAL-France form a joint venture - Engelhard-CLAL - and CMF continues as their representative in India, launching new Gold Electroplating systems for the first time in India.
1996 Columbia Chemical Corporation – USA, appoints CMF as their India representative. CMF launches for the very first time in India ACF-II (Alkaline Cyanide Free Zinc Plating). ACF-II had a success story when Lucas-TVS-Chennai completely eliminated Cyanide from their plating shop.
1997 New E-Coat™ Electrophoretic Lacquer and ACC-919™ Acid Copper Technology was introduced.
1997 Domestic blending for Columbia Chemical Corporation – USA commences in Chennai.
2000 Atlanta Global Limited-Hong Kong transferred their high-performance contemporary Bright Nickel Technology to CMF for domestic manufacture at Chennai.
2002 Engelhard-CLAL was acquired by Metalor Technologies, the Globally Respected Swiss Multinational, and formally appointed CMF to represent the Advanced Coating Division for Precious Metal Plating products.
2003 ISO 9001:2000 certification achieved resulting in Continuous Quality improvements.
2003 Major two-wheeler manufacturers share their approval for the high-performance Zinc Alloy Plating systems.
2004 Production-proven Trivalent Chromates for Blue Iridescent and Black finishes conforming to ELV norms start replacing environmentally non-friendly Hexavalent Chromates.
2005 Quality standards enhanced by setting up new R & D and Tech service lab in Chennai. Growth achieved with supplies to OEM’s in the automotive segment for special high-performance finishes. Renovation and expansion of factory premises to increase manufacturing capacity.
2007 Launch of ‘Nova Chrome’ - a high-performance Hard Chrome process.
2008 Further expansion of working space expanded by over 15000 sq. ft. at the Chennai factory. Functional staff and management re-locate to the factory for higher efficiency and output. New website launched.
2016 METALOR is acquired by Tanaka Group, Japan, and continues to retain CMF as its representative in India.
2017 New warehouse with multi-storey storage space of 20,000 sq.ft added with goods elevator, helping improve operations and organize the warehousing and storage.
2019 Launch of ‘Tricol Décor’ – Columbia Chemical Corporation’s Environmentally-Friendly Trivalent Chrome Plating process.
2020 METALOR’s Metwhite 200™ PBF (White Bronze) and Metalloy 200™ PBF (Yellow Bronze) Environmentally-Friendly Lead-Free RoHs compliant processes launched in India.
2021 Launch of Colloy A-Z-N 300 - Cutting edge, Acid Chloride Zinc-Nickel plating process. Providing mirror bright, ductile deposits that have uniform alloy distribution. Process is Boric & Ammonia free and does not require separate rectifiers.
2022 Golden Jubilee anniversary as we completed 50 years since incorporation.
2023 Inauguration of our 2000 sq.ft. Technical Service Hub in Pune to serve the western region and our 2000 sq.ft. Technical Service Hub in Gurugram for the northern region. The Hubs include state of the art laboratories and conference rooms.