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Consolidated Metal Finishing Private Limited



In a world of changing needs, CMF looks to the future, draws upon its foundation built on experience, and continuous research to provide Alternative Technology to meet emerging needs in the dynamic Surface Finishing world. Our research focusses on advanced, high performance, environment friendly, safe Surface Coating Technology to fulfil the needs of the future.


➣ Dedicating ourselves to offering cutting-edge technology in the form of ready to use, thoroughly tested products.

➣ Delivering consistent quality using contemporary test methods, validated raw materials and proven manufacturing techniques.

➣ Providing timely technical service to allow customers to carry on business operations and workflow as per their plan.

➣ Supporting Clean Plating through the use of Environment-Friendly Alternate Technologies, thereby reducing pollution.

➣ Sharing knowledge and expertise to continuously improve plating standards.

➣ Ensuring quick turn-around for lasting customer satisfaction.

➣ Nurturing a successful, focused, and productive team of valued employees, and giving them the encouragement, rewards and recognition for their dedication.

➣ Building and retaining positive relationships with our customers.